Wednesday, December 8, 2010

nice poem.. lets read and think it

♦♦♦The Thing About Music Is♦♦♦
By: Paul Peterson

The thing about music is that it’s
everywhere in the world. Everywhere
You go just open your ear and
The music will flow. It gives all
People and emotion to show

The thing about music is it’s not all the
same. It varies in the type And
especially the time frame. From the
Great Biggie and 2pac, to 50 and The Game.

The thing about music is its creative
And unique, you can sing with great
beauty, or you can just speak. Its
Affect is strong not weak music is a
waterfall, not a small tiny creek.

The thing about music is an emotion
is expressed. it talks about ease
Or beings so stressed; it talks about
Freedom or being oppressed; it talks
About grief and putting life to a test,
or being in love and saying life is the best
—so many feelings who would have guessed?

The thing about music is it’s a poem
With a rhyme, you can do it for
Money or not even a dime,
do it For a living or on your own free time
Mostly write what you want and it won’t be a crime

The thing about music is it paints you
a picture. Takes you to a land where
life is much richer. A place where dreams
you could be the world’s greatest
pitcher, or the best known fisher; or
relax sit back and smoke a sweet swisher

 p/s: lets goin to find sum entertaiment with this hot movie '' August rush'' it's all about a lil musician.
       its awesome.

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